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  • The only complete paperless solution for applicants management and screening The eTribez system handles everything, from collecting rich registrations to efficient selection workflow management and communication. No more separate spreadsheets, files, emails and print-outs – eTribez has it all in one place.
  • Developed by industry veterans and used by top-tier clients eTribez provides a unique know-how and years of experience specializing in multiple fields of candidate selection processes: entertainment, academy, marketing and HR recruiting. Over 250,000 applicants from over 50 countries were registered and screened using the eTribez platform, which serves leading clients in entertainment (Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America, Israeli TV productions of The Amazing Race, Survivor, Master Chef, The Big Brother and more), education (IDC College) and marketing (Philip Morris International, Mediamind).
  • Perfect fit to your applicant management workflow eTribez offers a solution that is tailor-made to your workflow. From customized stages, automatic rules to an advanced data and analytics dashboard, the eTribez platform fits perfectly to your objectives, technical requirements and user preferences.
  • A truly rich registration system Collect any document or photo from applicants, or let applicants record and upload videos. Seamlessly integrate fees and payment collection, and activate advanced form logics, online testing, data validation and automatic rules to improve your data collection and initial screening.
  • Finally, a social impact to your registration and selection campaign Harness the power of social networks and viral effects. Encourage users to share their registrations on Facebook, Twitter or Email, and track social activity by measuring its effect on your campaign. With eTribez social features, you easily identify opinion-setters and social influencers, and reward them accordingly.
  • Leverage collected data to get the most from it The eTribez platform makes the most of the collected data. Reuse valuable information for your next registration and screening campaigns, research and study the data you collected or use it for marketing purposes.
  • No Software, No Hardware eTribez provides tustable, State-of-the-art data security and availability. It is completely built on a cloud-based technology with highly secured Amazon servers (AWS). It provides you and your applicants an easy and secure access from anywhere in the world, anytime – with over 99.9% uptime. This way, eTribez clients enjoy highest standards of security, data protection, backup and restore, and leave behind the data worries of the past.