Rich Registration Today, Anywhere

Registration is the entry point to your selection campaign. With eTribez you enjoy a rich registration system and advanced capabilities. Reach and engage your applicants, collect valuable information and harness the power of social networks to your registration.
  • Fully customized to your needs.
  • Your data is hosted by us and secured with the most advanced security standards.
  • Leverage social impact and reach people anywhere – On the web, Facebook or mobile.

Rich Registration Workflow

The eTribez registration system is much more than an online form. With our registration system you collect photos, videos and other files as an integral part of your applicants’ registration process – No need to wait for files and media to be sent by emails.
Easily integrate Media Uploads into your registration campaign, so you can later watch and download the media from your Applicant Management platform. Enjoy truly rich registration capabilities with eTribez.

Registration Fees

eTribez makes your registration campaign complete with an easy way to collect payments from your registering applicants. It's easy, secure and fully integrated into your registration process. Our system supports payments with all main credit cards and PayPal.
Your applicants pay directly to you, so no 3rd party is involved - it's enhanced security for your registering applicants and more credibility for you.

Registration Incentives

The success of your campaign depends on the number of registrations, but registration can sometime take time and effort from applicants. Motivate more people to register by offering them unique registration incentives. Easily integrate gifts and prizes for your registering applicants. Give away iPads, Facebook credits or coupons, improve applicant conversion rates and increase the success of your campaign!

Social Sharing

Let your applicants spread the word, and reach even more people. Encourage them to share their registration (and your campaign!) on Facebook, Twitter or simply send their friends a registration link from inside the registration system – creating a strong viral effect which empowers your campaign.
With eTribez you can easily track social sharing activities and directly reward those who help spreading your campaign. People like to share. With eTribez you harness the power of social networks to increase your campaign’s success.

Multiple Gateways

Your potential applicants are everywhere, and you want to make sure you don’t miss a single person. With eTribez Gateways, people can register on your website, on Facebook, mobile devices or even on a special mini-site we automatically create and host for you.
As you'll quickly find out, your next registration campaign can be up and running on your website in no time. But even if you don't have your own website, you're few clicks away from automatically creating a mini-site hosted by eTribez, which will serve your registering applicants.
And it goes on - Want to run your campaign through Facebook? No problem. Click a button and it's on your Facebook fan page. Want to provide access from mobile phone? You got it.
More gateways mean more registrations. And more registrations spell success for your campaign.

Advanced Security

Your registering applicants trust you with their private information – They are your private community. eTribez helps you ensure this trust. Our advanced security standards make sure that your applicants' information remains safe and confidential at all times.
It begins with the data, which is stored in secure data servers provided by Amazon. On top of that we provide you with system access control and permissions management, so you can decide which people in your team are exposed to which data. With eTribez, your data is secure!

Tailor-made to your needs

No two registration and selection campaigns are alike. We created set of registration templates to help you start, and we help you set the exact registration system that you need. Custom fields, special administrator settings and input – It’s all ready and customized to your needs.
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