Smart Applicant Management Tailored to Your Workflow

Applicant Management is the heart of your selection and screening campaign. Now that all your applicants have registered, you need to manage the selection process that will leave you with the selected few.
eTribez provides you with a complete solution for applicant management. It’s the most efficient way to administrate your campaign, track and analyze your management process, stay under budget and on deadline.
  • Fully customized to your selection workflow
  • Smart and efficient selection tools
  • Easily handle complex processes and team collaboration

Customized Workflow

The eTribez Applicant Management platform suits your special campaign needs and workflow. eTribez Stages perfectly represent the various steps and stages in your selection campaign: From initial registration and qualification to interviews, auditions, committee decisions and finals. Use our predefined stages or create some of your own to fit your workflow.

Actionable Analytics

Managing a successful selection campaigns requires knowing what is really happening, and acting accordingly.
eTribez provides all the information you need at a glance. Check out eTribez cutting-edge, real-time Campaign Dashboard - a complete set of actionable tools to help you analyze the process, discover problematic issues and act to solve them.

Multiple Admin Users

Manage large-scale selection workflows with multiple administrators. Manage permissions and roles for each admin, to make your process more efficient, secure and error-free.

Rich Applicant Pages

Process each applicant from their own profile page. All the data, images and files entered by the applicants are collected here, as well as notes added by your team of administrators.

Advanced Selection Tools

You are dealing with selection, and our manual and automatic selection tools make your work easier.
Add Labels to your describe your applicants, and add your stars to your Favorites.
And even more - enjoy automatic tools which help you decide. From random selection to advanced selection rules - the eTribez Smart Selection mechanism supports your decisions and help you run a more efficient and consistent selection workflow.

Social Scoring

Get to know your applicants' social profile. Track their Social Sharing or simply measure their activity on Facebook and Twitter. You can learn a lot about their preferences, impact and importance for your selection campaign.

“Applicants on Display”

With eTribez Galleries, you let the world into your selection process. Export your finalists to a public voting gallery, send your favorites to selected jury to decide, or pitch your candidates to other stakeholders in the process – Clients, TV networks and more.
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