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eTribez Admission Platform™

eTribez Admission Platform™ constitutes a solution platform, which streamlines the whole admission process throughout its milestones and enhances the management and communications between the various education institutes and the applying students. eTribez provides educational institutes of all sorts with a complete solution for enrollment, admission and planning, thus maximizing the institute’s enrollment capacities and opportunities.

It provides direct financial and operational benefits by reducing administrative efforts and costs significantly. By utilizing its seamless solution platform, eTribez enables the education institutes to run a mass enrollment campaigns with tough deadlines in a smooth manner, thereby saving time and money as achieving a swift ROI.

The powerful eTribez platform is equipped with multiple unique tools such as application demographics, applicant tagging and labeling, media & information uploading center, complete admission dashboard, social viral effects and rating system, which capture an accurate coverage of the Admission process as a whole, improve workflow within the Admission department, maximize the potential for reaching out to a bigger audience as well as facilitate a better scoring of student enrollment rates among the applicants.

The eTribez Admission Platform™ is a totally paperless environment which facilitates running and management of the entire admission and planning process: From reaching potential students, accepting student applications, working through a rich candidate selection process and communicating with applicants throughout the various admission stages.

Rich Registration

It begins with a truly rich registration process, which combines tailor-made registration forms with advanced form logics and initial decision-making. Registration goes far beyond texts by integrating rich media upload (documents, photos, videos and more) as well as fees and payment collection tools, all seamlessly integrated into one registration system.

Powerful Workflow Management

It continues with a complete support of any admission workflow or selection process – Defining stages, selection rules and logics as well as collecting notes, labels and additional documents. It supports multiple administrators and external decision-makers, and in general, enables an efficient and consistent admission workflow.

Maximized Data Potential

But the value goes beyond the admission process itself. eTribez assists education institutes to maximize the full potential of the collected data for their further usage and success. Current and past applicants are aggregated into a large community which maintains strong engagement and relationship between applicants and the institute as well with each other, and generate a strong social impact. In turn, this process enables reaching new potential of applicants and achieving better enrollment results. The data also helps identifying and tracking long-term admission trends and reusing existing data for better future performance.

No Software, No Hardware

The eTribez Admission Platform™ is a pure cloud-based solution. In other words, an on-Premise implementation is not required and the system can be used in a very swift mode. This means - cutting significant setup costs and ongoing expenses.

With eTribez unique Software-as-a-Service model, institutes always enjoy the latest features and capabilities, and never worry about product versions, compatibility or software updates.
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