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eTribez Casting Platform™ for Talent Shows

Similar to reality shows, casting for Talent Shows can also include large numbers of candidates. However, talent shows often revolve around a specific talent capability: singing, dancing, cooking, etc.

The casting team, often comprised of subject-matter professionals, is required to evaluate the talent of each candidate in various selection or auditioning stages; Many times, this talent is elusive and hard to grasp by merely looking at registration forms.

The eTribez Casting Platform™ redefines this process with a set of revolutionary tools, which truly help casting directors select the fittest and most talented candidates for the show. Casting teams hold live auditions over the web or view webcam recordings of candidates’ performances, evaluate uploaded photos of cooked dishes, or listen to audio pieces played by the candidates. All in all, these capabilities lead to improved talent selection and significant savings in auditioning and selection time and costs.