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eTribez Casting Platform™ for Quiz Shows

Quiz Shows are a unique subset of game shows which brings a new parameter to the table. Candidates are required to master a specific knowledge field or prove having outstanding trivia skills. As a result, productions need to create complex testing and selection mechanism to evaluate each candidate’s knowledge level and pick the best ones for the show.

This mechanism is often based on initial screening over the phone or internet, and a wider on-site testing process in which potential contestants are invited to take various intelligence and knowledge tests, which most of the time are no more than simple pen-and-paper tests.

The eTribez Casting Platform™ integrates state-of-the-art testing capabilities into online registration (thus greatly reducing the need for on-site testing), or into the on-site testing process itself. Customizable question databases, different topics, multiple difficulty levels and various scoring mechanisms are employed to create almost any test needed, while providing advanced security and fraud detection. It’s the perfect answer for the quiz show casting question.